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One of our truck loads is equal to twelve pickup truck loads

Junk Chucker Delivers Value and Convenience!

Junk Chucker Junk Removals pricing is based on the volume of space your items take up in our truck. In order for you to get an accurate price quote, our professional Junk chuckers will come out and provide you with a free on-site estimate. Our estimates include all labor, disposal fees and taxes. There are never any additional costs or fees.

Pricing is anywhere from a minimum of $125 and goes through 12 different price points to our full load price of $950 if you fill the truck completely up. One of our full truckloads is equal to two full truckloads from your leading national brand!

To get a quote on your junk removal job give us a call at 941-500-3351 or BOOK US ONLINE NOW.